of new furniture

The process of developing new furniture consists of the following stages:

Selection of material

In order for the furniture to ensure the necessary functions and to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of design, it is necessary to choose appropriate materials.

We offer to create the parts of the furniture body from veneer or chipboard, but for upholstery we often use polyurethane foam of different density and thickness. The finishing material, in turn, is selected depending on the function of the furniture.


In order to create furniture that meets the individual wishes of the customer, we, firstly, develop its 3D model on the computer. When developing furniture frame parts, we use the program designed for CNS machine tool, therefore, all parts (including ones of irregular shape) are precise and uniform.


We perform all stages of production in the workshop – production of furniture frame parts, assembly of frames, gluing of upholstery, sewing and upholstery of finishing material.



We perform furniture restoration, restoring both everyday furniture that has lost its initial appearance and antique furniture with historical value. We professionally perform all restoration work – restoration of wooden parts, upholstery of furniture, imitating the initial material, if necessary, we can improve or replace the soft filling or spring blocks, as well as perform other works.

 We develop a furniture restoration plan together with the customer, listening to the customer’s wishes and providing suggestions to find the best solution.

Sometimes the customer chooses specific materials for furniture design, we explain how the material will serve, what are its operating conditions and care.

Already before the performance of the order, we agree on the details – the order development process, terms, pricing, etc.

If circumstances arise during the order development process, which affect the terms, we always inform the customer, explain the situation, and agree on another acceptable term.

Sale of


Quality-tested finishing materials from such manufacturers as Rohi, Spradling, ATN, Nevotex, Gabriel, fargotex. We offer both simple, economical finishing materials and specially designed ones that ensure specific functions. The range of possible finishing materials is very wide – it can be fabric, natural or artificial leather, etc.

Mēbeļu fejas offers such auxiliary materials as polyester batting, cotton batting, crushed polyurethane foam, felt, fusible webbing of various thicknesses, etc. Auxiliary materials can be purchased in the required quantity, as well as ordered already cut, for example, polyurethane foam in the required size.

We also offer furniture fittings and various configuration mechanisms from our cooperation partners, they can be selected and ordered from the catalogue.



The team of tailors will sew or repair curtains, furniture covers, sofa cushions, as well as various household items, such as child seat covers or missing trampoline straps.



We make decorative buttons of various designs and sizes. We offer to cover them with your selected material.



We provide transport services within Latvia. According to the customer’s wishes, we will deliver the shipment to our workshop or the finished products to your specified address. Depending on the order, we provide transport of various capacity. The cost of the service depends on the distance covered.