mēbeļu fejām

The company Mēbeļu fejas specializes in the production of custom-made furniture. We make new furniture, as well as perform renovation and restoration of furniture. During the 20 years of the company’s existence, we have accumulated invaluable experience in manufacturing of furniture of various styles and functions. We mostly design furniture for public spaces, but we have also developed furniture for private spaces.

The company employs a team of experienced craftsmen, each specializing in his field. Complementing each other, we are able to implement any order.

jaunu mīksto mēbeļu izgatavošana ražošana

The company Mēbeļu fejas does not carry out series production. We inspire customers by showing the catalogue of our previously developed products. Yet, every piece of our created furniture is unique, because it is developed completely from scratch.

Creation of unique furniture is a collaboration with the customer. Considering that each order is unique, we listen carefully and delve into the wishes of our customers, offer our vision and find a common denominator to create furniture that meets the intended purpose fully.

Over the years, we have established constant cooperation with companies that provide quality materials for furniture manufacturing. The range of available materials is very wide, we can implement all kinds of orders.

The value of the company Mēbeļu fejas is responsibility towards the customer, therefore we always implement orders on time and in the highest quality.